014E03 Siamarni Forks Canadian topographic map, 1:50,000 scale

Topo map 014E03 Siamarni Forks, 1:50,000 scale

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014E03 Siamarni Forks NRCAN topographic map.

Includes UTM and GPS geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude). This 50k scale map is suitable for hiking, camping, and exploring, or you could frame it as a wall map.

Printed on-demand using high resolution, on heavy weight and acid free paper, or as an upgrade on a variety of synthetic materials.

Topos available on paper, Waterproof, Poly, or Tyvek. Usually shipping rolled, unless combined with other folded maps in one order.

  • Product Number: NRCAN-014E03
  • Parent Topo: TOPO-014E
  • Map ID also known as: 014E03, 14E3, 14E03
  • Unfolded Size: Approximately 26" high by 36" wide
  • Weight (paper map): ca. 55 grams
  • Map Type: POD NRCAN Topographic Map
  • Map Scale: 1:50,000
  • Geographical region: Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

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Spatial coverage:

Topo map sheet 014E03 Siamarni Forks covers the following places:

- Kingurutik River - Sikkoyavik Brook - Siamarni Forks

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