Map Store Q & A

Q: I can't find the map I need. How do I find it?
A: Please email us at and we will find the correct maps for you. Our available topographic maps cover every single square inch of North America, and travel maps are available worldwide.

Q: How do you ensure shipments will arrive intact?
A: All YellowMaps shipments are packed and shipped in such a way as to ensure safe delivery, and we've chosen shippers with excellent track records.

Q: How long does it take to receive a response after contacting you?
A: Often times, we respond within a few minutes of your request. It will never take longer than a day. Please feel free to contact us on weekends and holidays also.

Q: How are your maps packaged?
A: Print-on-demand map products are usually packaged and shipped rolled in a tube, as are wall maps and nautical charts. Most other maps come folded by default, which is the case for most travel maps. Other products come in book format, e.g. atlases and street guide books.

Q: Can you ship topo maps also folded instead of rolled?
A: Yes, we can. Please contact us immediately before or after your purchase to indicate your special request to have your maps shipped folded.

Q: What are your shipping prices?
A: Please refer to our shipping information page.