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Aruba Reef Creatures Identification Guide by Frankos Maps Ltd.

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Frankos fish cards are stiff, laminated plastic, with a hole for a lanyard. Take it snorkeling or scuba diving with you!

Aruba is the first of the ABCs islands, which include Bonaire and Curacao also, located in the southern Caribbean. Aruba is so beloved that it is the first word in the lyrics of the Beach Boys Kokomo song, remember? Aruba, Jamaica, oo-o-o I want to take ya…. Millions of cruise ship passengers have disembarked for a day in Aruba, and many of them have taken the time to snorkel or scuba dive in Arubas beautiful warm waters amongst her rich tropical reefs. This fish card consists of a great little Frankos mini-map of Aruba on side one to show the whole green island as it sits on the blue Caribbean Sea. Arubas roads and towns, plus major landmarks and hills can be seen. 35 Aruba dive sites, including notation about which ones are good for snorkeling and which ones are good for diving are shown. The dive site list includes: California Wreck, Arashi Airplanes, Antilla Wreck, Malmok & Debbie II, Star Green, Pedernales, Harbour Reef/Pilot Boat, Sonesta Airplanes, Sponge Reef, Tire Reef, Barcadera Reef, Kantil Reef, Skalaheim, Jane Sea Freighter Wreck, Plonco Reef, DePalm Slope, Captains Choice, The Finger, Mikes Reef, Mangel Halto Reef, Spanish Lagoon Reef, Santo Largo, Isla de Oro Reef, Commandeaurs Reef, Lago Reef, Indian Head, The Cross, Baby Beach Reef, Santana Reef, Six Sisters, Cabez Reef, Shark Caves, Boca Grandi, Dos Playa, and Natural Bridge. Arubas beaches that are good for just hanging out are also shown. Side two shows 100 plus Caribbean reef creatures that hang out in Arubas warm waters. They include butterflyfishes, wrasses, damselfishes, parrot fishes, grunts, snappers, rays, sharks and trunkfishes. A sampling of tropical Caribbean invertebrates of Aruba are shown too, including the lobster, coral crab, black sea cucumber, and cushion sea star, corals and sponges. The vivid colors of this Aruba fish card will make you want to be there, and when you go take me, Franko along! Well, if you cant take me to Aruba, at least take my fish card along so you can know what you see when you scuba dive or snorkel in Arubas warm, crystal waters.

  • Product Number: 2225508M
  • Product Code: FM_ARUBA_FISH
  • ISBN: 9781601901767
  • Year of Publication: 2012
  • Folded Size: n/a inches
  • Unfolded Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
  • Map type: Flat Map
  • Geographical region: Aruba

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