Skanee Michigan Historical topographic map, 1:62500 scale, 15 X 15 Minute, Year 1954

~ Skanee MI topo map, 1:62500 scale, 15 X 15 Minute, Historical, 1954, updated 1956

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Skanee, Michigan, USGS topographic map dated 1954.

Includes geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude). This topographic map is suitable for hiking, camping, and exploring, or framing it as a wall map.

Printed on-demand using high resolution imagery, on heavy weight and acid free paper, or alternatively on a variety of synthetic materials.

Topos available on paper, Waterproof, Poly, or Tyvek. Usually shipping rolled, unless combined with other folded maps in one order.

  • Product Number: USGS-5443306
  • Free digital map download (high-resolution, GeoPDF): Skanee, Michigan (file size: 7 MB)
  • Map Size: please refer to the dimensions of the GeoPDF map above
  • Weight (paper map): ca. 55 grams
  • Map Type: POD USGS Topographic Map
  • Map Series: HTMC
  • Map Verison: Historical
  • Cell ID: 62642
  • Scan ID: 278504
  • Imprint Year: 1956
  • Woodland Tint: Yes
  • Aerial Photo Year: 1953
  • Field Check Year: 1954
  • Datum: NAD27
  • Map Projection: Polyconic
  • Map published by United States Geological Survey
  • Map published by United States Forest Service
  • Map Language: English
  • Scanner Resolution: 600 dpi
  • Map Cell Name: Skanee
  • Grid size: 15 X 15 Minute
  • Date on map: 1954
  • Map Scale: 1:62500
  • Geographical region: Michigan, United States

Neighboring Maps:

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Spatial coverage:

Topo map Skanee, Michigan, covers the geographical area associated the following places:

- Skanee - McComb Corner - Glovers Corner

  • Map Area ID: AREA4746.75-88.25-88
  • Northwest corner Lat/Long code: USGSNW47-88.25
  • Northeast corner Lat/Long code: USGSNE47-88
  • Southwest corner Lat/Long code: USGSSW46.75-88.25
  • Southeast corner Lat/Long code: USGSSE46.75-88
  • Northern map edge Latitude: 47
  • Southern map edge Latitude: 46.75
  • Western map edge Longitude: -88.25
  • Eastern map edge Longitude: -88

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