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Worlds Best World Map by Maps of World

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Printed on 80-lb paper, MapXL Worlds Best Map covers the globe in Miller Cylindrical Projection.
The congested geography of Europe has been shown with utmost clarity in its actual place without resorting to the use of inset for this worlds second smallest continent.
The detailed insets of the two Poles are an added advantage for the user. The Arctic and Antarctic regions are elaborately depicted along with the research stations of different countries.
The naming convention used for place and feature names on the map has an international English orientation to suit all kinds of users.
The spellings of place names have been extensively cross-checked from a number of sources.
Across the map, the labels are consistent and uniform, be it the city label for cities of different sizes or the island names.
Includes country flags and time zones.

  • Product Number: 2225517M
  • Product Code: MOW_WBWM
  • ISBN: 9789385579394
  • Year of Publication: 2016
  • Unfolded Size: 32 x 47 inches
  • Map type: Flat Map
  • Geographical region: World

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