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Italy, Guidemap by MapEasy, Inc.

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Italy boasts some of the most diverse beauty in all of Europe. From the Alps, to the stunning beauty of Venice, few countries offer so much to the visitor. Allow MapEasy to be your personal guide to all of Italy, both historic cities and the stunning countryside. Whether you are looking for a historic tour of the Roman Forum in Rome, the best spot to catch a gondola ride in Venice, or the ideal spot for a romantic dinner of freshly made pasta in Florence, MapEasy will show you the way. Then join us as we tour the countryside, from the majestic beauty of Arosa and the Italian Alps, to the culture and charm of Sicily. In each region, MapEasy will give you an insight into the history and culture of the spot, as well as sharing with you the best local, insider tips for a great visit. The Italy Guidemap includes detailed sections for Florence, Rome, Venice, and the country.

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  • Year of Publication: 2014
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