Buy map California Map, Orange County Dive, folded, 2005 by Frankos Maps Ltd.

California Map, Orange County Dive, folded, 2005 by Frankos Maps Ltd.

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A convenient waterproof map of Orange County, California dive spots. The map also features major roads and freeways to help you get to your favorite coastal spot. The ocean is shown in pleasing blue shades, which indicate descending depths. Newport Canyon, which tends to focus southerly swells into big surf near Newport Pier, can be easily recognized. Kelp Forest Creature illustrations show the user what might be encountered offshore when snorkeling or scuba diving. Dive spots all along the coast are noted and described. A few favorite surf sites are also noted. Side 2 is a zoom in of the middle of Orange County, with its best and favorite diving areas. This includes Corona Del Mar and Crystal Cove State Underwater Park on the North, and goes all the way through Laguna Beach to South Laguna. The detailed coastal map is also handy for fishing or kayaking. The notable trails of Crystal Cove State Park are also shown as they follow the ridges and canyons from Moro Beach inland. Printed on durable synthetic material, 14 x 21, folded to 4 x 7

  • Product Number: 2032635M
  • Product Code: FM_ORA_COAST
  • ISBN: 9781931494076
  • Year of Publication: 2005
  • Folded Size: 7.09 x 4.33 inches
  • Unfolded Size: 13.39 x 20.47 inches
  • Map type: Folded Map
  • Geographical region: California

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